Year.org is a technology-driven, historical resources site for the public, non-profit, business, and academic community. The website provides references for historical and significant events across a wide range of topics and disciplines. Data is presented in a variety of ways. Such data and references are generally presented in chronological order as a timeline of history. It can also be presented based on recognition, alphabetically, or by location. Furthermore, data can be presented in game-based format; the website provides historical references in quiz format for educators to present learning in a challenging and game-based style, thereby making learning fun. The Year data and games help to promote education and tradition for posterity.

The mission of Year.org is to preserve, advance, and protect the web. Among other things, Year.org provides a verification system for organizations and businesses that allows the public to confirm the year its organization was founded. Through this verification program, Year.org connects the public to experienced, bona fide organizations and vice versa. This helps to recognize established organizations and foster consumer trust and confidence, thereby acknowledging organizations that have more experience in its respective industry.

Year.org (A1 Provider LLC) is a California based company from the city of Newport Beach operating since 2007.