Research: Usage Guidelines

Academic Citations:
Users can use the website for academic citations for historical references, dates, and year. For academic citations, the user can refer to the MLA format or APA format provided on any given historical reference page.

Historical Quizzes and Games:
The website provides historical references in quiz format for educators to present to their students. The style of presentation can make learning history fun. Educators can refer and link to such quizes on their website for educational purposes. The format allows individuals to view and learn history in a challenging, game-like style.

Organizations that are included in the Year's database can use the corresponding seal(s) as indicated on Year's seal page(s) by adding the given code to their organization's website.
If an organization is not yet verified or not yet included in Year's database, an organization can request consideration and inclusion via the contact form.
Also, an organization that is not included in the Year's database can embed an unverified seal (found here) by adding the given code to their organization's website.
User accepts that these terms may change from time to time.

Users may not reproduce any of Year's content nor use Year's trademarks or logos unless given written permission by Year. To use this site, users must agree and acknowledge that this site might not contain the most up-to-date news and information, and there is no promise made with regard to content reliability, availability, or ability to meet any needs.